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Poke-Apocalypse ~ Weaselbro [APP] by bleachamara Poke-Apocalypse ~ Weaselbro [APP] by bleachamara



.: G E N E R A L  I N F O :.



Waarwe “Weaselbro” Scarren


Species & Gender:

#335 Zangoose [♂]


Birthday & Age:

April 1st [Twenty]





Nature & Characteristic:

Adamant [Highly Persistent]


.: B A C K  S T O R Y :.


Waarwe grew up with his very serious father, a blacksmith, and his more light-hearted older brother, a battle strategist. Most of Waarwe’s time was spent with his brother, learning how to fight and defend himself. Waarwe’s father refused to let him near his furnace, thinking that Waarwe would only be a hinderance in the dangerous workplace. The Zangoose boy never knew his mother.

Waarwe didn’t have many friends growing up, but he did have some. They dubbed him ‘Weaselbro’ and he henceforth had no other name. One day Waarwe’s companions led him into a forested area at the base of a craggy mountain to practice their fighting techniques. They had all separated, playing a type of capture the flag. Lost in the unfamiliar area, the Zangoose boy wandered into a certain territory that made the hair rise on the back of his neck. He felt a terrible presence all around him...


That’s when he had been struck at. The Zangoose boy fought back, slashing with his long claws. He was quickly tossed to the ground. He looked up and saw his foe...a Seviper female. He was amazed at the serpent’s strength. Oh what a beaut she was! Yet something about the Seviper girl made his gut writhe. The boy had never been told of the natural rivalry between Zangoose and Seviper.

She was truly an interesting girl. It was obvious that she hated every fiber in the Zangoose boy’s body, but there was something else in her sharp gaze...why did her gaze make his heart race so fast and his gut squirm so uncomfortably?

Waarwe somehow ended up visiting her more often, keeping his distance at first but gradually getting closer. They became as close to friends as natural enemies could be. In other words, they tolerated one another astonishingly well. His heart never raced so much for any other girl, and it became apparent that the Seviper girl returned his feelings. Her name was Anya.

His father forbade the probability of the Zangoose boy interacting on an even remotely friendly level with the Seviper girl, and the desire to be with her only grew stronger for him. Anya’s parents disallowed this interaction as well and, as an act of rebellion, the two met up in secret and ran off together.

Waarwe had snuck into his father’s shop and stole a katana he had made along with the case. He wrapped a Black Belt around the end of it before he left.


Waarwe and Anya have remained together since then.


When the disease became worse and began affecting thousands of Pokemon across the regions, Waarwe had been away on a vacation. The first thing he thought of when he heard of this fatal outbreak was Anya. He had to find her and make sure she was alright! Desperately, he searched for his beloved. Thankfully, they were reunited. The safe areas were already becoming smaller. The healthy ‘mon were getting killed off left and right. Waarwe and Anya decided to seek refuge in the safest area they knew of; Goldenrod City, Jhoto.


.: P E R S O N A L  I N F O :.


About his Personality:

Once Weaselbro puts his mind to something, he will not stop pursuing it until it has been accomplished. Or until he realizes that it is impossible to accomplish. Either way. He is a stubborn guy, normally standoffish and quiet. He faces danger with a smile on his face and his katana in hand. Weaselbro isn’t easily daunted by death or pain. He may become reckless and violent when pushed.

Nonetheless, he is actually a very kind soul, but it takes him a while to open up to others. Once trust is formed between him and another, he will protect them with his life is he has to.


Bullet; Green Persistent / difficult to daunt / brave / kindhearted

Bullet; Yellow Quiet / standoffish / doesn’t trust others immediately

Bullet; Red Rash / reckless / violent / stubborn





Move Set:

:iconfightingtypeplz: Detect :iconfightingtypeplz: Close Combat

:iconnormaltypeplz: Swords Dance :iconnormaltypeplz: Crush Claw



[Toxic Fist] Striker



Walking around outside

Solitary combat practice

Observing the infected ones

Hanging out with his girlfriend



Card games


Sword fighting

The peaceful type of quiet

Sweet and sour food

Protecting others



The killing of innocents

Being hit on, or others hitting on his girlfriend


Being picked on or underestimated

Loud noises


.: E X T R A  I N F O :.



He has another nickname--Romeo. However, only one 'mon calls him this.

Theme Song:

Thanks for the Memories [Fall Out Boy]


Height & Weight:

5'01'' [115 lbs]


Relationship Status:

In a Relationship
with Anya the Seviper
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