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dC Application - Amaroo Jornier *UPDATED by bleachamara dC Application - Amaroo Jornier *UPDATED by bleachamara

This app has been updated!



:bulletblue: Name:
-Amaroo Jornier ((ah-MAR-oo JOR-knee-er))

:bulletgreen: Nickname(s):
-Amie (from Pippin)
-Li’l A / Li’l Roo (from her older sister)

:bulletblue: Animal:
-(Beige) Kangaroo

:bulletgreen: Birthday:
-March 27th

:bulletblue: Age:

:bulletgreen: Catchphrase:

:bulletblue: Quote:
-“Hop-along and take chances! Trust me, it’s worth it in the end~”

:bulletgreen: Hobbies:
-Shell/rock/feather collecting
-Hanging out at the Cafe
-CrushingonacertainraccoonCOUGH WHO SAID THAT

:bulletblue: Job:
-Assists at the Cafe occasionally

:bulletgreen: Likes:
-Flowers (particularity tulips)
-Conch/pearl oyster shells
-Lantern flies
-Shiny objects (particularity marbles)
-K.K. Bossa / K.K. Rhythm
-Turnips (she will occasionally grow them)
-Milkshakes (particularly those that are chocolate/fruit-flavored)
-Sandwiches (particularly peanut butter and boysenberry jelly sandwiches)
-Sweatpants (she’ll almost always be seen in them; the only exception to this is when she dresses all fancy-like)

:bulletblue: Dislikes:
-Rain/water itself (she has aquaphobia, the fear of water but she often calls it hydrophobia because prefixes)
-Being treated/thought of as a kid
-Injuries (emotionally and/or physically)
-People pointing out how short she is
-Being alone/unable to talk to anyone for a long period of time
-Being as clumsy as she is
-Singing in front of others

:bulletgreen: Personality: Quirky
-Amaroo is most certainly...unique. One moment, she can feel rather lazy and not want to really do anything, the next moment, she’s practically bursting with energy. She’ll do quiet things like collect small objects (shells, etc.) and then do something much more action-packed like practice kick-boxing! All around, she is a fun-loving ‘roo who definitely likes socializing. She used to be a ‘social outcast’ before moving to Mapleville (constantly traveling makes you somewhat socially awkward), yet she’s always up for talking to someone. She may reveal personal information quickly and can trust people easily, which is one of her downfalls. But, she’s a happy-go-lucky sort who can usually brush things off easily. She can be really kindhearted and trustworthy once you get to know her. She can be a bit childish and naive at times, of course.

:bulletblue: History:
Amaroo was born into a family of travelers. She was raised to adapt quickly to any environment. From her mother, she learned to realize what was right and what was wrong, how to cook, how to garden, and how to perform first aid. From her father, she learned how to navigate, how to kick-box, and how to make a slingshot with a stick and a rubber band. From her older sister, she learned how to socialize, how to sew and make clothes, and how to tell what kinds of bird stray feathersbelonged to. She developed a liking of Instant Ramen, turnips, and flowers from her mom, a passion for kick-boxing and a habit of collecting small objects such as rocks, shells, and feathers from her father, and an absolute love of socializing from her sister when she was around six.

Amaroo, at age ten, was given the nicknames “Li'l A” and “Li’l Roo” by her sister. She also made the very first toy she ever had, a small kangaroo plush toy she called ‘Hoppy.’ From the moment ‘Hoppy’ was finished, she carried the little plush in her pouch to imitate other female kangaroos. Because she had ‘Hoppy,’ she felt like she had an actual joey, and therefore decided that she didn’t want to have an actual joey. Her opinion on her not having a joey disturbed her family, though it was obviously not their choice to make. But a plush toy cannot replace an actual joey! But maybe this decision was an immature, temporary one? So her family decided to let Amaroo realize how immature her opinion was.

Four years after that elapsed and Amaroo still had ‘Hoppy’ snugly in her pouch. She still refused to even consider having kids one day. Her family simply couldn’t take this lightly, and they decided that she needed to start life in a fixed environment. They all believed that it was because they always traveled, never settling in one place for long enough for everyone to really get to know anyone. Maybe Amaroo could find a reason to have a joey if she stayed in one place. So, it was decided. Amaroo had no idea what her family had been planning for her, what they had been discussing behind her back, until the family settled their sights on a small village called Mapleville. Mapleville looked like a quiet yet lively place, a perfect environment for Amaroo to live in.

Amaroo received four juicy green pears from her mom, a satchel from her dad, and a small handbook mainly on cooking and sewing from her sister. Confused at such gifts, Amaroo asked why she was given such gifts. Then, she was told the plan to send her away to Mapleville so she could live her own life in a non-changing environment away from her family. Her sister told her that mom and dad were sending her on an adventure to test whether or not she could live without having family there. Amaroo preferred to believe what her sister said, and thus did. She was nervous about living on her own, but at the same time excited. She always wanted to have friends that actually lasted, after all. She was sad to leave her family, but she was looking forward to living in the interesting town known as Mapleville. Being left with barely enough to at least start off with, Amaroo was sent off.

:new:Now Amaroo resides in Mapleville. She met a lot of people and made many friends! She's always up for interacting with others. Every day is anadventure~

:bulletgreen: Where to find Amaroo (like for Role Plays) :
-If it it EARLY MORNING you can usually find Amaroo asleep in her house
-If it is MORNING you can usually find Amaroo at the Town Hall checking the Bulletin Board
-If it is the AFTERNOON you can usually find Amaroo wandering around town, probably kick-boxing against a tree
-If it is EVENING you can usually find Amaroo at the beach gazing over the sunset
-If it is NIGHTTIME you can usually find Amaroo at the Cafe, either helping out for a while or just having a milkshake
-If it is LATE NIGHTTIME you can usually find Amaroo in her house falling asleep
-If it is SUNNY/CLEAR SKIES you can usually find Amaroo anywhere in town outside
-If it is CLOUDY/PARTIALLY CLOUDY you can usually find Amaroo at the Cafe or at the Town Hall
-If it is WINDY you can usually find Amaroo at the beach, probably trying to collect shells
-If it is RAINING/LIGHTLY RAINING/HEAVILY RAINING you can usually find Amaroo at her house sewing or knitting
-If it is STORMING you can usually find Amaroo heading to the nearest building
-If it is SNOWING you can usually find Amaroo outside in the snow or in the Cafe having something warm to drink

-If an EVENT occurs, you can usually find Amaroo at least attempting to participate in the event as long as it does not involve water

:bulletblue: Trivia:
-Amaroo is terribly clumsy especiallysincesheatleastsubconsciouslylikesKlideCOUGH SERIOUSLY WHO SAID THAT
-Amaroo used to wear her satchel bag on her old elastic belt, but since it snapped during July, she had to wear it regularly
-Amaroo got a new belt (she doesn’t really need it, but it feels too awkward for her to not wear one)
-Amaroo has a hand-made leather Kangaroo toy that she takes everywhere with her, called ‘Hoppy’. She often talks to it as if it’s alive
-Amaroo used to have ‘Hoppy’ tucked behind her belt, but she currently carries it in her satchel
-Amaroo’s attire used to be a sky blue t-shirt and dark blue sweat pants; it is now a green t-shirt with a leaf on it and navy blue sweat pants
-Amaroo seems to always wear sweat pants, except when she dresses formally
-Amaroo can reveal personal information really easily
-Amaroo has aquaphobia; she often confuses it with hydrophobia because their prefixes mean the same thing
-Amaroo never went to school; she was ‘home-schooled’ by her parents and had to learn most things on her own
-Amaroo never made any friends up until she made ‘Hoppy’ when she was ten years old, and no actual friends until she moved to Mapleville
-Amaroo has never developed a crush on anyone before and doesn’t know much of anything about relationships
-Amaroo’s hair naturally flops over the right side of her face. She isn’t too fond of it, and prefers to keep her hair out of her eyes
-Amaroo is largely self-conscious about her singing ability. She has a stunningly beautiful singing voice but is uncharacteristically shy when it comes to singing in front of others. If you want her to sing something for you, she really has to trust you first
-Amaroo will usually have bruises on her knuckles after she practices kick-boxing (because she practices against trees)
-Amaroo is four feet tall and is rather lightweight
-Amaroo always seems to carry around sandwiches in her satchel bag
-Amaroo doesn’t ever want to have kids. She thinks they’re cute and all, but is slightly afraid of children

:bulletgreen: Diet: Vegetarian
-Her family, being kangaroos, raised the li’l ‘roo on vegetables and non-meat/non-egg sources of protein. Amaroo knows her wild edible plants (shepherd’s purse, roses, mustard flowers, etc.,) and can cook a variety of vegetarian meals.
Amaroo has never once even tried meat or eggs. She hasn’t ever had fish, either, in case that doesn’t classify as a type of meat. She has trouble tolerating the smell of meat at times, and may unconsciously show how uncomfortable she is around it. She has little to no problem with anyone else eating meat, even when they’re around her. She will not often talk about what foods she prefers.
Amaroo has slight trouble actually feeling hungry, which is rather strange. She can even forget to eat sometimes. She can easily snack on sandwiches for a while in case she does forget to eat, which is the main reason she always carries them around.
In order to receive the protein she needs to survive without eating meat, she finds alternate sources (such as beans and rice). She also drinks high-protein shakes almost daily.

:bulletblue: Home Acre:
-Acre A-4 (in the bottom right corner, near the river)

:bulletgreen: Family:
-Charallyn Jornier ((SHARE-a-lyn)) *Mother
Age: 33 years old
Animal: (Red) Kangaroo
Job: Traveling Merchant / Nurse

-Amar Jornier ((ah-MAR)) *Father
Age: 35 years old
Animal: (Beige) Kangaroo
Job: World Explorer / Kick-boxing teacher

-Rubi Jornier ((ROO-bee)) *Older sister
Age: 19 years old
Species: (Red) Kangaroo
Job: Traveling Merchant


:bulletgreen: Deviations of Amaroo:
-By me ( ~bleachamara )……………………………

-By others
( ~Tecsinom )…
( *Karrybutt )…
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