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deviantCrossing ~ Shadow [app] by bleachamara deviantCrossing ~ Shadow [app] by bleachamara



Bullet; BlueName:

Bullet; BlueBirthday:
September 27

Bullet; BlueSex:

Bullet; BlueAnimal:
Black Fox

Bullet; BlueCatchphrase:

Bullet; BluePhoto Quote:
“Has it become in here, or is that just you?

“I’ll be your knight in shining armor~”


Shadow lived in a bustling city with his parents and his two older brothers and three younger sisters. While his siblings kept him busy, dragging him along to go play with their friends at the local park, his parents raised him to have the attitude of a gentleman. Shadow liked being gentlemanly for several years until he reached a rebellious stage in his early teenage years. He grew bored of being so dapper and polite, having to sit up straight at the table and only speaking when it was was growing too boring for his liking. The fox started talking back to his parents and sassing his peers when they poked fun at him. Immediately he was disciplined. That behavior was unacceptable in his father’s household! But that didn’t stop Shadow; he grew even more rebellious and even got into a fight. His oldest brother broke it up and threatened to beat his brother if he didn’t stop this foolish behavior. Being rude or trying to rebel was not going to get the fox anywhere. Soon enough, Shadow’s phase of rebellion passed, and he regained his gentlemanliness, this time with a more mature streak about him.


As the years passed, Shadow attained a flirtatious streak. He joined the Host Club at his school and managed to charm several of his peers. He was decently popular, and the fox enjoyed it. He managed to stay well on-top of his studies as well as take care of his siblings. He’d always had a sort of fascination with the medieval times, and aspired to become a knight when he grew older. Of course, he knew that becoming a true knight wasn’t possible, but he was already a sort of ‘prince’ at his school, being the most widely-known charmer of the Host Club. Shadow soon decided to embrace this ‘knight-in-shining-armor’ fantasy. He bought a (ridiculously large) deep blue cape and became his school’s ‘Prince Charming’.


More years elapsed, and his brothers had long left the house to find places of their own. Soon enough, ‘Prince Charming’ had to pack up his things and leave as well. He always wore his cape, which he had grown into since the day he’d bought it, as it now was quite special to the fox. He’d grown into a nice young gentleman (still retaining that flirtatious streak of his).

Shadow didn’t enjoy the bustling city he’d grown up in as he used to. It was...quite dull now. He decided to search for a smaller area...

Soon enough, he found a lovely town by the name of Hemlock. He checked the place out, and it seemed like it would be a fabulous place to settle down and start a new life in. Thus, he set out for Hemlock!


Bullet; BlueCharacteristic:

with a touch of

Bullet; BluePersonality:
Bullet; Green Gentlemanly

What is a proper man without a sense of gentlemanliness? He is very polite and kindly towards others when he first encounters them. He’s more than willing to help someone out if they need assistance. He just can’t turn a blind eye to a fair maiden
(or man) in distress!

Bullet; Green Kindhearted
Overall, Shadow is a very nice young man who doesn’t have much of a reason to dislike anything or anyone. He doesn’t really understand when someone is insecure about themselves because he doesn’t hyper focus on the flaws and believes that others should keep their head up.

Bullet; Green Dedicated
Shadow is a diligent worker, and if he sets his mind to something he’ll do his best to see it through.

Bullet; YellowSilly
Shadow is rather light-hearted and can become rather silly at times. Sometimes he may poke fun at others in an attempt to be comedic, but this can backfire and cause him to come off as mean or rude. He loves to see different peoples’ reactions to his sense of humor. He loves puns because of how puntastically punny they are.
Expect him to use some. He may get a little irritating to some after a while...just let him know when he needs to knock it off.

Bullet; YellowFlirtatious
NO ONE IS SAFE FROM THE BOMBARDMENT OF RANDOM CHEESY PICK-UP LINES THIS GUY WILL TOSS YOUR WAY. No man, woman, heck, not even agenders or bigenders are safe from the flirting! Sometimes he will tone it down if he realizes how uncomfortable someone is with it. But other times...

Bullet; YellowBlunt
He isn’t really one to sugar-coat the truth. He will also very easily reveal personal information. This bluntness of his can come across as rude to some (depends on subject) but, hey, at least he doesn’t lie!

Bullet; RedFoul-Tempered
It does take a bit of effort to dampen Shadow’s mood, but once his temper rises, Shadow becomes quite cranky and upset. He’ll often need to have some alone time to ‘cool down’.

Bullet; RedConceited
Of course, what is a man without a sense of pride? Shadow's inflated ego is one of the things that makes him so joyful all the time! He thinks highly of himself and isn't afraid to express it. After all, why shouldn't he be proud of being the dashing young knight in shining armor that he is?!

Bullet; RedBoastful
Give Shadow ONE EXCUSE to describe himself. That’s all he needs.


Bullet; BlueMap Section:
"Right near where the river forks. Not only is it close to Upper Town, it's also conveniently close to a strip of beach!"

Bullet; BlueTrivia:
Black RoseHe loves the thrill of adventures

Black RoseBlackberries are by far his favorite berry

Black RoseSneak-Attacks are his way of greeting strangers

Black RoseShadow really likes wine...non-alcoholic wine, of course!

Alrighty, everyone, meet my new babu Shadow! He's an official Hemlock villager since I'm once again an official member of deviantCrossing
For those who were wondering about Amelia, don't worry, she'll come to the town of Hemlock as an NPC. Meow :3

Shadow's App Art (full-sized)

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dragon-blood-runs Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I like this one.
bleachamara Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Student Artist
Ah, thank you >w</
TylTyll Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist
Flops over. I have returned from the deaaad. B'aww, sorry 'bout the sudden disappearence for... like almost half a year! I even managed to get in at the 11th hour Good to see ya improved so much since then. Hehe, Shadow is like the 2nd generation Solis, wonder what it'll be like if they were to meet up?

Loki: What's with that outfit, fraise? ...Did Solis created a cult and converted you into one him or somethin'?
bleachamara Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Student Artist

YES they need to meet up, if only Goat wasn't dead as of currently =w=

:iconfoxwhaplz: ...Who is Solis? Another aspiring knight, kit?
TylTyll Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist
Umm.. I am StoopidGoat from back then. Llama Emoji-56 (Hiding) [V3]Let's just say I got into trouble which costs most of my time I can spend on the interweb. After the long hiatus, I forgot 'bout my password to StoopidGoat so...   Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3]

Loki: Uhh...... I guess ya can say that, fraise? He's.. also a friend of mine or dare I say; childhood friend. Solis has an actual chest piece unlike ya though. If I were to be asked whether if Solis or ya be weird, I would have a tough choice pickin' one. //snorts//
bleachamara Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Student Artist
I thought I recognized Loki from somewhere
BUT YES I remember now sorryyyy bleach is being a dummy

Ah, this friend of yours sounds fantastic! I would love to meet 'im one day, kit~
Ahaha, you are quite a funny fellow, sir! :iconhumbleplz:
TylTyll Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist
gHahaHa, no need to apologize! ..Actually, I'm the one who should be apologizing 'bout the whole disappearence. B'aww, only you and inkweaver noticed 'bout Loki's appearence. Never knew my art back then be noticeable, heh!

I might bring Solis back as npc to visit Loki once in a while!

(Huh.. This dude's be one of those happy-go-lucky sort? Wonder how long it'll take for him to blow up, heh.)

..You might probably meet him one day actually, fraise. //scratches back of head// I heard that you're quite infamous for hittin' on girls in Hemlock. Hehe.. What's your one-liner for the ladies, I wonder? Can ya give like.. give me an example? Ya' don't have to worry 'bout me stealin' your line or anythin'. I ain't lookin' to woo on ladies... yet. //light chuckle//
bleachamara Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Student Artist
It's kinda hard to forget about your characters :meow:

I might bring Amelia back since Amaroo the Kangaroo became Amelia the Cheetah right before everything went dead in December  as an NPC as well.

Oh really? That would be a most delightful day, kit~

:iconwhatsthatplz: An example? :icondragonspif: Well, most of the time it only takes a few compliments; I'd mention how lovely they look, something along the lines of that. I believe that every girl is different, and that there is no specific 'one line' for them, kit.
I quite enjoy making the ladies happy, and what do women love more than honest compliments? :iconhumbleplz: Last time I tried much more than that all I ended up with was a Popsicle, to be honest.

...Well at least Shadow's being honest and not a complete brag
TylTyll Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist
YEaaah, she's returning! Solis might be confused 'bout Amelia with her change of species and might think that it's the 'oh-so-scary' villain's doin', heh!

Popsicle, huh.. With this hot weather, I might get one if I can actually find the friggin' store. I-I mean... Huh? What were you sayin' again? ..Well then, try imagine me as one of those fine women, how will you... uh, hit on me? What'cha gonna say? //snorts//

GHahaha, I'm really lookin' forward for more rp with ya! It's so fun to rp with Shadow, heh!
bleachamara Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Student Artist
Congratulations! Your Amaroo has evolved into an Amelia! Because Logic, you know?

Shadow had no idea how to respond to such a request. This guy was ASKING Shadow to flirt? With HIM? Shadow smiled smoothly.

:icondragonspif: Well I'd let you know that you're the snazziest wolf I have seen to this day! Your fur looks so sleek and well-groomed, too, kit~ :icondragonnod2: You're quite a handsome man.

...Care to join me to the store to buy some strawberry Popsicles, by the way? My treat.

Shadow wasn't even acting like the wolf before him was a girl; he didn't need to. His flirtatious slant is generally more polite when it comes to guys. Shadow was rather fond of this guy already, quite curious as to how their possibly-budding friendship would turn out...

Hahaha Shadow picked up on Loki's mentioning not being able to find the store :XD:
Yes, I'll be looking forward to RPing with you as well~ >w</
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